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Garden Waste

Whale Arts Centre will accept donations of plants, turf, compost, seeds, gardening tools and materials for their reuse projects. Please contact them directly in the first instance (no drop offs).

T: 0131 458 3267


Most garden waste is compostable, breaking down into a good soil conditioner given time. See Composting.

Garden waste can also be taken to your local Community Recycling Centre for composting. See COMMUNITY RECYCLING CENTRES.


Design company Ashortwalk working with the Garden Centre and 30 independent nurseries wants to take your unwanted plant pots to recycle them into new garden accessories as part of the Pots to Product initiative.



Over 120,000 households in Edinburgh receive a brown bin kerbside service for garden waste.

The City of Edinburgh Council

T: 0131 529 3030

Colinton Community Compost collect green waste from 600 homes in the Colinton area. Special collections are available on request. They accept green waste from the public and contractors, and ask for a donation in return for the service. All proceeds go towards the running of community activities. For details contact:

T: 0131 441 3479

East Lothian

92% of households in East Lothian are offered the chance to take part in the garden waste collection using brown wheeled bins. The material collected is composted then used as a soil conditioner on agricultural land in East Lothian. Excess garden waste can be collected by booking a bulky uplift. See Local Councils.

Garden waste can be collected for free from areas not covered by the kerbside collection. Please make sure bundles of branches etc. are not longer than 1.2m.

T: 01875 824 305


A fortnightly garden waste brown bin collection is in operation for about 96% of residents, alternating with the grey residual bin collection.

The Recycling Helpline

T: 0845 130 2322

West Lothian

There is a regular brown bin collection for garden waste, which will be turned into compost for use in landscaping work.

The Recycling Helpline

T: 01506 777 810

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