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Food Waste

Save money by reducing food waste.

Householders in Scotland throw away 630,000 tonnes of food and drink each year, worth over £1 billion. That's an average of £470 per household per year or £39 per month, and more if you have a large family! Not only does food rotting in landfill sites create methane, a powerful climate change gas, the energy used to produce, chill, water and transport food is also wasted when you throw food away. If Scotland stopped wasting all this food, it would be equivalent to taking one in four cars off Scottish roads. 

Find out more: Love Food Hate Waste | 

About half of our food waste is unavoidable scraps like vegetable peelings, tea bags and bones. The most environmentally friendly, local solution is to recycle fruit and vegetable waste in your home compost heap (see COMPOSTING).

If you don’t have a compost bin or are trying to compost bones, meat or cooked food then you can put this in your grey-lidded kerbside food waste bin or the on-street food waste recycling bins.

A home food waste digester can be used to process meat, bones and cooked waste (see FOOD WASTE DIGESTERS).

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