Too Good To Waste

What would you like to reduce, reuse, repair or recycle?


Carefully open envelopes and jiffy bags with a knife or letter opener so that they can be reused. See Mail Order Catalogues for contacts to buy envelope reuse labels.

Clip or staple together used envelopes and use the backs for shopping lists etc.

Edinburgh: Take to Packaging Recycling Points. W: www.recycleforscotland.com. It is not necessary to remove the plastic window or glued tab.

East Lothian: Recycle via the kerbside collection in the blue box, the blue lidded recycling bin (See KERBSIDE RECYCLING) or at the green Paper Recycling Points (W: www.recycleforscotland.com).

Midlothian: Recycle via the kerbside collection in the blue box (please remove plastic windows and glued tab). See KERBSIDE RECYCLING.


Buy envelopes made from recycled paper whenever possible.

Please do not put envelopes into Paper Points (apart from the East Lothian ones specified above) as the glue used for sealing them and the plastic windows interfere with the recycling process and results in a lower quality of recycled paper.

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