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What would you like to reduce, reuse, repair or recycle?

DIY Materials

Why not see if family or friends could use up the left over materials for a project of their own?

Reduce the purchase of DIY tools by using the Tool Library - a place for people to share tools and equipment.



If you are renovating an old house or replacing old fittings with new (e.g. baths, sinks, radiators, fireplaces, mouldings, Georgian panel doors, wooden flooring, old lights) contact an architectural salvage yard that buys and sells pre 1930's furnishings:

Holyrood Architectural Salvage Yard: T: 0131 661 9305, W:
East Lothian Council Architectural Salvage Store: T: 01620 827 264. Accepts donations of items such as listed above and sells on to listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas. 

Alternatively find your local Community Recycling Centre for a list of recyclable DIY materials.

The Edinburgh Scrap Store is a project promoting creative reuse by collecting and distributing unwanted scraps including tiles, wood and art materials. You can also become a member and use any of the resources stored at the facility!

Please get in touch to find out opening times under current restrictions. 

T: 07870621086;



For more information on specific items: See Also METAL, See Also PAINTS, See Also RUBBLE, See Also WOOD/TIMBER  and See Also TILES.

If buying new timber fittings look out for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label indicating timber from sustainably managed forests. Suppliers of FSC wood products include B&Q, Co-op, Habitat, Homebase and IKEA.

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