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Cooking Oil

An alternative use for left-over cooking oil is to brush it onto your garden shed or fence as a substitute for creosote. It is a good preservative, will not discolour the wood and unlike creosote is safe to use near plants and animals.

Make a nutritious treat for garden birds by pouring used cooking fat (chicken fat or bacon grease rather than vegetable fat as this will go solid) into a plastic pot, add bird seeds and nuts, leave to set, then hang outside.

You can take used cooking oil (vegetable oil or animal fat) in a plastic bottle to 4 different Sainsbury’s car parks around Edinburgh found at: Blackhall, Straiton, Murrayfield and Longstone.


Used cooking oil can also be taken to the Community Recycling Centres in Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Newtongrange site in Midlothian.

Do not pour this used cooking oil down drains as this can cause blockages and interfere with the sewerage processes. Pour into a container, seal the top and put into your bin if you are unable to reuse or recycle as suggested above.

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