Christmas Trees

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Christmas Trees

If you choose to buy a real tree, buy a live one (check that it has roots!), that can be planted out after Christmas and reused each year.

Fake it! An artificial tree can be reused again and again, and will save you buying and then disposing a real tree every year. If you have an old one in good condition that you no longer use, ask at your local charity shop to see if they will be able to accept it. See CHARITY SHOPS or advertise it for free on Gumtree, Freegle or Freecycle. See Exchange schemes.

Take natrual trees to any of the Community Recycling Centres and place into the Garden Waste/Green Waste containers. See COMMUNITY RECYCLING CENTRES. The trees will be shredded and composted.

Edinburgh: For those with a brown bin service, place into your bin or cut in half and place beside your bin for collection. Check The City of Edinburgh Council's W: or local press for details during the festive season.

East Lothian: Put beside brown bins on your regular garden waste collection day or book an uplift via the East Lothian Council garden waste collection: T: 01875 824 305.

Midlothian: For those with a brown bin service, place into your bin for collection. See GARDEN WASTE.

West Lothian: Check local press for details or contact the council. See Local Councils.

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