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Postcards and greetings cards

Up to one billion Christmas cards end up in landfill every year in the UK.

Reduce the number of cards you use by sending electronic Christmas and birthday cards instead.

Playgroups, nurseries and primary schools are often pleased to accept used postcards and greetings cards.

Postcards are sold to collectors to raise funds if sent to:

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, c/o Mrs A. Bernard, Tremorden, Donaldsons Brae, Kilcreggan, G84 0JB.

 or hand in to The St John Charity Shop, 20 Deanhaugh Street, EH4 1LY

Make old Christmas cards into gift tags by cutting out the pictures, and attaching to presents using ribbon etc.

Greetings cards can also be recycled in some kerbside collections (See KERBSIDE RECYCLING), at Community Recycling Centres (See CARD/CARDBOARD) and at some Recycling Points (W:

Try to buy recycled and unbleached cards whenever possible. Charity merchandise catalogues offer a wide range.

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