Too Good To Waste

What would you like to reduce, reuse, repair or recycle?


Where possible, buy items with less packaging.

It is good to add soft cardboard such as egg boxes to a home compost bin or wormery. Scrunched up, this will create air pockets and help decomposition.

Give small boxes nursery schools for art and craft activities.

Edinburgh: Take to the packaging Recycling Points or place into the green recycling bin. East Lothian, Midlothian and the Scottish Borders: Place into your kerbside collection. East Lothian: Only light/grey card (e.g. cereal boxes) is accepted in the green Paper Recycling Points in East Lothian. West Lothian: Only thin card (e.g cereal boxes) is accepted by the kerbside collection. See KERBSIDE RECYCLING or

All types of cardboard are accepted at the Community Recycling Centres See COMMUNITY RECYCLING CENTRES. Please crush down boxes so that as many boxes as possible will fit in.

Changeworks Confidential, part of Changeworks Recycling offers a dedicated confidential shredding service for Edinburgh residents. Changeworks Recycling also offers an Office Paper and Cardboard collection for businesses within the Central Belt area:

T: 0800 694 0158

IKEA has a container for the collection of brown cardboard packaging (situated at the exit).

Break down/ flatten boxes to maximise space in the recycling bin. 

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