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Car Parts

If you need to replace a part of your car (anything from gearboxes to windscreen wipers), try a local car salvage yard rather then having to buy an expensive new part.

Search under 'car & vehicle dismantlers' in the Yellow Pages or see W:

Kenneth Innes, former Education Officer at Changeworks tells us his experience:

"If you need a part, it pays to check out a car salvage yard. You may need to search a few places before you find the part you need, but the price difference can be considerable. For example a new part I was quoted £200 for I picked up for £20 - I could have probably got it cheaper too if I had bargained!

The best way to find the part you need is to call the yard first. Ask them if they have the part or car and give them an opportunity to look. They assess vehicles when they receive them to see what parts are in good shape and which ones are not. They will collect both the internal and external parts that are reusable. They will even collect tyres that can last a while longer. Whatever it is you need, just ask. Some places won't dismantle the cars but just leave them stacked up for you to take the part you want.

When you arrive at the breakers yard, they will let you see the part and you can decide whether or not to buy it. If you do, you simply carry out the transaction right there and that's it done. If you don't want to fit the part yourself then a local garage would probably be able to and will only charge you the labour.

It is also worth mentioning that you don't actually have to depend on local yards having the car or part you want, there is a whole network of websites that advertise reusable parts from cars, many of which will be sold with warranties."

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