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Many charity shops will accept donations of books in good condition and some have shops specifically for books.

Use our Edinburgh Reuse Map to find where you can donate. 


Use your local library instead of buying new books. Swap books with friends, buy from charity shops or second-hand book shops, or use websites such as:


Libraries in the Lothians accept donations of books in good condition. Phone your local library or the Central Library in Edinburgh: T: 0131 242 8020.

There are British Heart Foundation (BHF) Book Recycling Points at the Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) in Edinburgh, Midlothian, the Scottish Borders and West Lothian. There are Salvation Army Book Recycling Points at the East Lothian CRCs. See COMMUNITY RECYCLING CENTRES. Original version CDs, DVDs, tapes and videos can also be placed into these Book Recycling Points, and these will be sold in charity shops.

There are Oxfam and BHF Book Recycling Points at some Recycling Points. See W:

Books that are not in good enough condition for donation to a library or charity shop can be taken to Paper Recycling Points, as long as the front and back covers are removed. See W: Hardback covers can be recycled with your cardboard. See CARD/CARDBOARD.

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