Bedding (including duvets, blankets, pillows)

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What would you like to reduce, reuse, repair or recycle?

Bedding (including duvets, blankets, pillows)

First, does your duvet or pillow actually need to be replaced?

Duvets and pillows can be refreshed with a wash and dry. This is a great way to prevent waste and save money.

See a step by step guide here. 

Bedding can be taken to Textile Recycling Points (no duvets or pillows) (W: or placed into the textile bag in the Edinburgh kerbside collection.

Please do not put duvets or pillows into the Textile Recycling Points or the kerbside collection boxes, as there is currently no market for the materials within these items (and duvets could cause problems such as getting stuck in the Recycling Point hatch due to their size.)

Reuse ideas:

Duvets made from synthetics materials (eg. polystrene) check the label.

  • Stuff limp couch cushions or shrivelled soft toys and give them a new lease of life.


  • You can use the duvets as a dust sheet in the attic which also provides added insulation benefit (not to replace loft insulation).


  • Take it camping as an extra layer of insulation or when out for an evening BBQ to stay warm. 


  • Cut up and use the duvet sections as packing materials to post items safely or use for moving items.


Down duvets:

  • Down duvets are filled with feathers. The feathers are biodegradable and can be added to your home compost, make sure to mix in. 


  • In the spring the feathers can be used by nesting birds. Fill a bird-food cage with them to help the birds.

Bedding and towels are accepted and sold by most charity shops but please check first. Check the Reuse Map on the Changeworks website for shops near you. 



Clothes, towels and bedding (including brand new pillows & duvets) can be donated to:

The Edinburgh Clothing Store, is a charity run by volunteers, offering clothing, shoes, bedding, etc for people in genuine need. It's a free service and no money changes hands.

156 Lower Granton Road, EH5 1EY

By appointment only. Office hours: 10:00am -to- 12:30pm, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

T: 0131 552 1111


Fresh Start,

T: 0131 476 7741


The Bethany Christian Trust,

T: 0131 561 8930


Please get in touch in advance to ensure donations are being accepted.

Blankets and towels can also be donated to The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

They no longer take donations of duvets or pillows.  This is as they take up a lot of storage space, it uses a lot of energy to launder and dry them and often they can only be used once or twice. The disposal of duvets and pillows is also costly to the Home.

All donated must be easily machine washed, no duvets or pillows will be accepted.

T: 0131 669 5331



Edinburgh Furniture Initiative accepts bed donations. They can offer a free uplift service.


For students who are moving away from Edinburgh, the Shrub (Swap and Reuse Hub) organises collections from student accomodations. See if they are working with your accomodation staff and collecting at the end of term. Students can pick up items for free in freshers week. 

W; Home | SHRUB Coop 

For duvets and pillow, you can list them on Freecycle and Gumtree for others to pick up. See Exchange schemes/swaps.  

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