Bedding (including duvets, blankets, pillows)

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Bedding (including duvets, blankets, pillows)

Accepted and sold by most charity shops but please check first. See CHARITY SHOPS, check the Edinburgh Charity Shop and Reuse Map on the Changeworks website

 T:  0131 555 4010




Clothes, towels and bedding (including duvets and pillows in good condition) can be donated to:

The Edinburgh Clothing Store, T: 0131 552 1111, W:

Fresh Start, T: 0131 476 7741, W:

The Bethany Christian Trust, T: 0131 561 8930, W:


Blankets, duvets (not feather) and towels can also be donated to The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home:

T: 0131 669 5331, W:

Bedding can be taken to Textile Recycling Points (no duvets or pillows) (W: or placed into the textile bag in the Edinburgh kerbside collection. See KERBSIDE RECYCLING.

Please do not put duvets or pillows into the Textile Recycling Points or the kerbside collection boxes, as there is currently no market for the materials within these items (and duvets could cause problems such as getting stuck in the Recycling Point hatch due to their size.)

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