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Baby Items

Save money and resources by hiring baby items that are used infrequently such as travel cots. For local contacts check the Yellow Pages or see W:


Some charity shops accept and sell baby equipment (and clothes). Check with your local shop. See CHARITY SHOPS, check the Edinburgh Charity Shop and Reuse Map on the Changeworks website

T: 0131 555 4010 
W: (under 'Waste Projects')

Lifeline Scotland offer completely free second hand baby clothes and equipment to anyone in financial difficulty. They ask for confirmation from your Midwife, Health Visitor or any other health or social care professional via a referral. Once a client has been referred they can seek assistance as often as they need directly. Lifeline are able to help anyone, including those with no recourse to public funds.

Telephone: 0131 557 2060

The Polwarth Baby and Toddler Group organise nearly new sales: W:

The National Childbirth Trust hold regular nearly new sales throughout the area:

T: 0844 243 6123 

Carefree Kids lend nursery and safety equipment to families in East Lothian on low income, with children under five or with special needs. A small deposit is collected for each item loaned:

T: 01875 616 618

Advertise for free any baby items you would like to give away or items you would like on Gumtree, Freegle or Freecycle.

See Exchange schemes.

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