Real nappy starter kit

Real nappy starter kit


Our starter kit of reusable nappies is designed so that you can try out which nappy styles suit you and your baby before you invest further. Our real nappy starter kit is currently only available to Edinburgh residents as the cost is subsidised by the City of Edinburgh Council. 

Each kit contains three brand new nappies plus accessories, worth at least £45, which are yours to keep:

  • 1 Tots Bot Teenyfit (small) or 1 Tots Bots Easyfit All-in-one (medium, large)
  • 1 Tots Bots bamboo stretch nappy
  • 1 Little Lamb microfibre fleece nappy
  • 1 Little Lamb waterproof wrap
  • 1 Billou wet bag, 2 reusable wipes and 3 paper liners.

The starter kit comes in three sizes:

  • Small (6−14lb) - Ideal for small newborn babies.
  • Medium (9−18lb) - Ideal for larger newborns or slightly older babies, and contains two nappies that should last until potty training.
  • Large (18−35lb) - For older babies and toddlers, with nappies that last until potty training.


Kits are limited to one per household. Colours and patterns may vary from the photos shown. An Edinburgh address is required

For more information on real nappies and how to use them, download our Real Nappies Guide.

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