The Ditching Disposables project is funded by Zero Waste Scotland to support food and drink businesses in Portobello and Joppa in Edinburgh to reduce their use of disposable single-use items. Disposable single use items are items typically only used once and make up 31% of the litter found on Portobello Beach. This includes items such as straws, napkins, and plastic drinks bottles. 

Businesses in Portobello and Joppa can sign up to join the Ditching Disposables Business Charter, agreeing to cut down the number of disposables they use and trial non-disposable alternatives. In 2022 new legislation from the Scottish Government will ban several of these disposable single use items. As part of this charter Changeworks will help and support businesses to not only reduce disposables but also get prepared for this legislation.

Email us to find out more about the Ditching Diposables project and how to join the business charter.