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Our 'Community Capow' winner is...

Congratulations to Thomas Kerr from Castleview Primary who’s won a Bike Station voucher for a refurbished bike!

28 Jan 2013 Waste

Local schools team up with Changeworks to 'Lose the Litter'

Pupils at five Edinburgh schools are taking part in a pilot project funded by Zero Waste Scotland, aimed at reducing the amount of litter in and around the schools and their local communities.

17 Dec 2012 Waste

Eco drivers save cash and carbon

Drivers in Aviemore gave us great feedback after taking fuel efficient driver training sessions to help them cut fuel consumption and save money.

29 Nov 2012 Energy and fuel poverty

West Linton's solar showcase for St Andrews day

Interested in seeing solar panels and other renewable technology at work? Whitmuir the Organic Place, West Linton, is issuing a warm invitation to anyone interested in renewable energy this St Andrews Day.

22 Nov 2012 Energy and fuel poverty

New report on community energy projects in Edinburgh

Changeworks has produced a short report based on discussions held at a community energy conference in the early part of 2012.The report summarises views on the way forward for community energy projects in the city, including partnership working with the council.

24 Oct 2012 Energy and fuel poverty

Helping vulnerable people in Scotland to switch and save on fuel bills

New report from Consumer Focus Scotland evaluating energy training for frontline energy advisors to support fuel switching for vulnerable people.

5 Oct 2012 Energy and fuel poverty

Sustainability Excellence Award Winner AND a Great Workplace

Changeworks won the Sustainability Excellence Award and was recognised as one of Scotland's best workplaces at an awards ceremony last night.

26 Apr 2012 Waste, Energy and fuel poverty, Carbon reduction

Solid Wall Conference hot topic

Changeworks' groundbreaking conference on solid wall insulation was a sold out success and certainly fuelled the evolving debate on Friday.

23 Apr 2012 Energy and fuel poverty, Carbon reduction

Still available! Free insulation scheme saves cash and carbon

Scottish households still have a chance to cash in on a scheme offering free loft and cavity wall insulation, but only until the end of March 2012 on a first-come, first-served basis. Loft insulation can save up to £175 a year on heating bills, while cavity wall insulation can save up to £135 a year.

20 Mar 2012 Energy and fuel poverty, Carbon reduction

Local events help spread the word about free insulation

South Edinburgh households are among those getting free home insulation to help them stay warm and cut energy bills this winter, with Scottish Government funding secured by local councils.

9 Feb 2012 Energy and fuel poverty, Carbon reduction