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How much does that power shower cost!

A report produced by environmental charity Changeworks has found some showers can end up costing you more than a bath. On average a power shower could cost you £259 more a year than taking a bath!

14 Jan 2010 Energy and fuel poverty, Carbon reduction

Pupils get a taste for waste

Hot on the heels of the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, pupils from secondary schools from across Scotland gathered with Scottish businesses including high profile entrepreneur Fraser Doherty of SuperJam, at Changeworks' Make Waste History Summit"  for a day of action against food waste.

21 Dec 2009 Waste

Dreaming of a greener Christmas?

We're heading towards the over-indulgent festive season so Changeworks has suggested a few top tips to a greener Christmas.

12 Oct 2009 Waste, Energy and fuel poverty, Carbon reduction