Is your trade waste service being dropped? Switching your trade waste service to Changeworks Recycling is easy. We have a dedicated team waiting to seamlessly handle your switch over from City of Edinburgh council trade waste service. All it takes is a five minute phone call and you’ll be set up and ready to go with your new service.

"When I hear that someone is having trouble with their waste collections, I say, ‘it's because you're using the wrong company, you should be using Changeworks Recycling’.” 

Quaker Meeting House, Edinburgh 

“Moving our trade waste service from the council to Changeworks Recycling was an easy and seamless process, the ongoing service has been excellent.” 

Nucleus Financial Management, Edinburgh

Call 0131 538 5381 − our dedicated switching team are ready for your call.

Changeworks Recycling is a wholly owned subsidiary of Changeworks.