Changeworks’ vision is simple – a world where everyone is able to live, work and enjoy life with a low carbon impact.

That’s the driving force behind all of our work, everything we do. So every year, we look back at how successful we’ve been. How much of a difference were we able to make to protect our fragile planet from the climate emergency?

The answer? Quite a bit. Watch our short film to find out all about it.

Teresa Bray, Changeworks Chief Executive, said: “We achieved amazing things in 2019–20, preventing a massive 250,000 lifetime tonnes of CO2e through our work – 29 per cent more than last year.

“Our teams are working hard all across Scotland to deliver low carbon technology, warmer homes and relief from fuel poverty. With the support of communities, partners and funders we were able to deliver even more in the year to March 2020.

“2020–21 has presented unique and unprecedented challenges, but we are undaunted. We want to increase our impact further, do more, and develop new partnerships. So how can we work with you? Whatever your low carbon opportunity, we’re ready to go.”

Working with you

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