Leith residents are set to save money on food bills through support from Changeworks who were recently awarded funding from Sainsbury’s for a new Waste Less Save More project.  

Sam Mills, Changeworks’ Head of Projects said, “Waste Less Save More is all about helping people in Leith to save money on their food bills by reducing waste. To help people do this, we’ll offer people the opportunity to pick up practical skills and know how through food workshops and cookery demos we’ll be delivering in Leith over the next year. We’ll also work with local food initiatives to organise an event to feed 1,000 locals from food that would otherwise have gone to waste. At the same time, we’ll also be working with Port of Leith Housing Association to provide all their new tenants with a free welcome food pack. This will contain resources and basic food supplies to help tenants save money by cooking and planning meals that avoid waste. We’re excited about the project going live next month, thanks to a grant from Sainsbury’s. We’ll be looking to recruit volunteers to help deliver this project, so if you’re interested, get in touch with Changeworks.” 

Claire Ironside, Director of Customer Services at Port of Leith Housing Association, said: "We're really excited about working with Changeworks on this initiative which will help our customers to save on their food shopping bills, provide lots of inspiration on how to eat well and help them to cut down on food waste. Having successfully worked in partnership with Changeworks to support people in Leith to save on their energy costs and maximise their incomes, it's great to be embarking on this new project to help our customers lead healthy and happy lives." 

Changeworks will lead on the project, which starts in June, working closely with partners Port of Leith Housing Association, City of Edinburgh Council and The Real Junk Food Project


Editors Notes 

  1. Changeworks is one of Scotland’s largest environmental charities, working with organisations, communities and individuals to deliver practical solutions that reduce carbon emissions, fuel poverty and waste. Twitter I Facebook

  2. Sainsbury’s has committed £10 million over the next five years to tackling household food waste with the launch of their Waste less, Save more initiative. Towns wishing to join the fight against household food waste were invited to apply for funding to put their plans into action. 

  3. Port of Leith Housing Association provides over 2,700 homes at affordable prices in places people want to live in and around Leith. It works closely with its customers and other partners to make Leith a great place to live, visit and do business. The Association was formed as a charity and not-for-profit social enterprise in 1975, with all surplus generated being re invested into its property and local communities. It has invested over £200 million over the years, now providing homes for more than 4,000 people annually.

  4. City of Edinburgh Council provides public services to over 500,000 residents and millions of visitors

  5. The Real Junk Food Project Edinburgh is part of an international network of cafes and communities serving 100% intercepted food, Pay as You Feel.