Homeowners in Fife have the chance to join the renewables revolution by taking advantage of a special offer from their local Energy Saving Scotland advice centre. Two information events will take place next week to let people know about the scheme, which allows households to install electricity-generating solar panels at a specially arranged low price. The advice centre, funded by the Scottish Government, provides free and impartial advice and is promoting this offer with an accredited installer following a rigorous selection process.

Householders can find out more about the offer and register their interest by dropping in to either of the events next week or by calling their local advice centre free on 0800 512 012. The first event will be held on Wednesday 18 January at Scores Hotel in St. Andrews from 3:00pm 7:00pm. The second event will be on Thursday 19 January at Howe of Fife Rugby Club in Cupar from 3:00pm 7:00pm.

Installing a solar photovoltaics (PV) system is now cheaper than ever before, and those who have the system installed can also access a Scottish Government-funded interest free loan to help cover the costs. The systems can also earn money under the Feed-in Tariff scheme too, which makes switching to renewable energy a worthwhile investment.

Richard Dennis lives in an old, stone-built cottage in Balmullo (near St. Andrews) with his wife. He has always been interested in renewable technology and in December he had solar PV panels installed on the roof of his property through the Fife special offer. Mr Dennis explains he chose to invest in solar PV primarily for financial reasons: "Interest rates are very low at the moment and the cost of fuel is going up so quickly that it seems you could get a better return than ever from investing in solar PV. The cost of the panels has gone down so much that, for me, it was really worth doing".

Mr Dennis admits that he had wanted to get PV panels installed for a long time but it was too expensive: "It's only recently that costs have come down so much and this offer was perfectly timed. It's a worthwhile investment if you're lucky enough to have a south-facing roof". As for the installation process, Mr Dennis was very pleased: "The installation was quick and simple, they just fitted the panels on the roof and plugged them in". He also expressed his gratitude for the support of the advice centre staff who were on hand throughout with impartial advice and information.

Mr Dennis is so impressed with his solar PV that he's signed up to become a member of the Energy Saving Trust Green Homes Network, and inspire others to follow his lead. The network offers the unique opportunity to visit local green homes across Scotland and find out first hand how renewable systems run in real homes. The two upcoming events are a great chance to meet your local advice centre's renewables specialists, talk to an installer about the benefits of renewable technology and find out about other ways to make your home more energy efficient.