South Edinburgh households are among those getting free home insulation to help them stay warm and cut energy bills this winter, with Scottish Government funding secured by local councils. The offer provides loft and cavity wall insulation to households who contact the Home Energy Scotland Hotline, or receive a visit from a Home Energy Assessor. Information events throughout the South East of Scotland are being held to spread the word about the scheme and reassure local householders that the offer is not 'too good to be true'.

The Councils want to see more households taking up the offer while funding is still available in the area. Councillor Paul Edie, Health, Social Care and Housing Leader, for Edinburgh said: "I would urge households to take time to go along to these events to hear more about the offer as similar schemes in other parts of the capital have proved successful. Gas and electricity prices have been rising relentlessly for the last few years. This scheme is helping reduce energy consumption and tackle fuel poverty". Homeowners will see a drop in their bills and also ensure their homes are warmer when they most need it. Insulating not only helps keep a property warm it could also save households hundreds of pounds every year in energy bills. Loft insulation can save up to £175 a year while cavity wall insulation can save up to £135 a year. With no costs to worry about it's an easy way to counter the effects of high gas and electricity prices.

Buckstone householder Dr Peter Lodge had cavity wall insulation installed in his home in December 2011 through the South Edinburgh free insulation scheme. He said: "We've felt a difference in the warmth of the house especially with the cavity wall. It made a big difference straight away. I would absolutely recommend it to others it's a no-brainer especially as it's free. I've already mentioned it to a few people". Aside from being a homeowner or private tenant there are no eligibility criteria to meet the only condition is that the property must be suitable for the insulation. Householders can arrange a free no-obligation survey by calling the Home Energy Scotland Hotline on 0800 512 012.