A report produced by environmental charity Changeworks has found some showers can end up costing you more than a bath. On average a power shower could cost you £259 more a year than taking a bath! Households on standard domestic tariffs or economy 7 tariffs who use a power shower in the daytime could be spending between £728 and £960 more a year by using a power shower instead of a bath. Power showers have a special pump to control water pressure. Since these showers use a high volume of water, they burn a lot more energy to heat and pump water.

Water may seem an unlimited resource in Scotland, but there's more to consider than rainfall. Around 30% of the average households gas bills come from heating hot water, so water and energy efficiency really do go hand in hand. In Scotland we also use a large amount of energy to treat and pump water to our homes. This contributes to Scotland's carbon footprint. Electric showers or mains fed showers (mixer showers) are a much more cost effective option to power showers and baths.

Changeworks project development officer, Bob Barnham said: "We knew there were differences in cost, but the potential savings the report indicates are surprising. You save on energy and water and while you make economic savings for yourself you also make environmental savings for Scotland. It's a win-win situation! If you are thinking of changing your shower make the right choice for you and your family and you could avoid spending between £259 and £960 extra every year."

The City of Edinburgh has been chosen as one of the first three areas in the UK to benefit from a water saving advice service. The local Energy Saving Scotland advice centre's free, impartial and expert energy saving advice has now expanded to include water efficiency. Call the advice centre on freephone number 0800 521 012 now and start saving.

For a free easy to use leaflet on the cost comparison of different shower choices, call 0131 538 7957 and leave your name and telephone number with a request for "the cost of using your shower" leaflet.