Changeworks' Senior Consultant Stuart Hay presented our latest research findings on tackling fuel poverty at the ‘Energy Check for Low Income Households’ seminar in Berlin earlier this month.

It was found that Scotland and the UK are European leaders on tackling fuel poverty, which is good news. Our policy framework is both sophisticated and comprehensive. However, the bad news is that this reflects the fact that the problem is more acute and deep rooted in the UK. What’s more, we are only slightly further down the road in terms of developing a practical response to address the issue, but face clear challenges in funding in-depth support, working with energy companies and integrating advice projects and employability. This was just one of the key insights Changeworks gained from participating in EU funded advice project Energy Check for Low Income Households (EC-LINC).

The research insights and learnings that emerged from the EC-LINC project, relevant both to the UK and other countries, have now been published. Read the full article, European insights on tackling fuel poverty on the Changeworks blog.