Free, impartial advice on installing green energy measures on Saturday 2 July at The Haugh, Westfield Farm, Haddington from 8am - 5pm.      

We’re well known as a one-stop-shop for advice throughout the South East of Scotland, but that doesn’t mean we’d miss a chance to support local communities, businesses and events! This year’s Haddington Show will attract thousands of visitors from all over Scotland and will showcase the very best of agricultural East Lothian’s produce, livestock, craft and more. Main Sponsors Chalmers & Co want to make this year’s show as Green as possible, with help from their local Energy SavingTrust Scotland advice centre (based here at Changeworks) and Winton House, an East Lothian stately home and recognised ‘Green Tourism Business Scheme’ award winner.

Both Chalmers & Co and Winton House want to encourage households, farms and local businesses to install renewable technology like solar panels and wind turbines, and take advantage of the government’s Feed-in Tariff which will generate income as the systems produce energy. As a trusted source of free impartial advice, the Energy Saving Scotland advice centre is the ideal partner to help get people motivated and informed about installing these measures and the benefits of doing so.

Pilar Rodriguez, our Home Renewables Advisor, will be on hand at this year’s show to answer questions and provide impartial advice and information on a variety of renewable technologies that produce electricity or heat, as well as other ways of reducing your carbon footprint and cutting your energy bills. Chalmers & Co, whose Haddington High Street office is heated by a state-of-the-art wood pellet system, also advises clients on renewable energy options and how to benefit from the government incentives. Combining the in-house advice with specialist external consultancy means clients benefit from genuinely impartial, professional advice highlighting opportunities and exposing myths about renewable technology.

Sarah Fuller, a Chalmers & Co surveyor, said: “The introduction of the government’s Feed-in Tariff has transformed the economic case for small scale wind energy; even a single turbine can now prove very worthwhile. There is often more than one option for farms and domestic property. To meet Pilar and staff from Chalmers & Co and Winton House, drop into the Chalmers & Co marquee at this year’s Haddington Show. Enjoy a choice of locally sourced refreshments and find out if you could enjoy a greener, cheaper way of powering your home.