Changeworks’ strategy over the next three years is clear and simple – to decarbonise Scotland’s homes.

Here, Changeworks’ Deputy Chief Executive, Liz Partington, talks us through the fifth and final goal highlighted in the strategy – grow.

Our ambitious plans to decarbonise homes across Scotland requires Changeworks to grow. We need to grow in capacity and capability as an organisation.

That means we need more people and we need to invest in new systems, processes and structures to serve those people. The way we work will adapt and change to meet the challenges we will face as we grow. We have to ensure all of our staff have the right skills, tools and information to excel in their roles.

For our customers we need to give them a seamless customer journey to decarbonise their homes, whoever they are, and ensure we reach and engage much wider audiences. If we do all of these things we will be able to rapidly scale our impact and achieve our ambitions.

So how are we going to go about doing this?

We're going to work on attracting, recruiting and retaining talented people to join us on our mission, as well as make sure we continue to nurture and develop our existing staff.

To develop and improve our systems, processes and structures, we are going to continue to invest in new systems.

We will maintain our existing valuable accreditations, like Investing in Volunteers, Investors in People and ISO 14001, and attain new accreditations like ISO 9001.

We will maintain our sound, financial management and data protection systems.

We will enhance our office spaces and ensure everyone has the right tools and resources to do their jobs, wherever they work, and at the same time seek to continually drive down our carbon footprint.

We will keep staff informed and engaged on this journey of growth and ensure we listen and adapt to make sure our vision and values are at the heart of our positive culture.

We are going to build digital tools to help us reach and engage more people to take action and invest time, money and resource to develop the best possible customer journey for householders to ensure we make decarbonisation as easy as possible.

To scale our growth, we're going to make more partnerships, bring in new business and set up new projects and agencies to fill the gaps and take down the barriers to action.

We will present a clear and confident voice across Scotland to encourage and enable people to take action and tackle the climate crisis.

Learn more about Goal 5 and Changeworks 2022-2025 strategy to drive the decarbonisation of homes in Scotland.