Have you been encouraged so far by our daily dose of vegetarian inspiration? Nick's recipe is up next and he says:

"This stores well in fridge when covered. It also makes much better packed lunches than another boring sandwich!"

You will need:

1 big metal roasting tray
Olive oil
Rosemary (fresh / dried)
1 pack halloumi
1 bulb of garlic
Any vegetables! (The following work well: mushroom / aubergine / pepper / courgette / butternut squash / sweet potato / onion / parsnips / carrots)
Puy lentils (you can buy tinned or dried put lentils in the supermarket
Lettuce (something crisp e.g. Cos)


Chop all vegetables & halloumi into big chunks (leave garlic cloves whole) & put in tray. Add olive oil (fair amount), lots of pepper & rosemary (big fresh sprigs are good) & mix. Shove in oven (190 degrees?) uncovered for c.50 mins, mixing a couple of times during cooking. (Remove rosemary sprigs after cooking.)

Cook & strain lentils. When all cooled, mix together and throw in as much chopped lettuce as you want. Season with salt & pepper and a bit of balsamic vinegar if you want.

Add 1 dead duck.

(Did you spot the odd one out?)