Here’s how the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh managed their waste working with Changeworks Recycling. Changeworks Recycling is a wholly owned subsidiary of Changeworks.

 “It was easy to make the separate waste streams work, even in a busy bar. We just looked at the main waste streams in each area and built the requisite recycling system for that area. Simple!” 

John-Paul Valentine, Bar Manager, Assembly Rooms

When the Assembly Rooms reopened after an eighteen-month refurbishment project, it was with the vision of implementing policies that would take them closer to becoming a Zero Waste venue. They set out to learn as much as they could about Zero Waste initiatives, and Bar Manager, John-Paul Valentine, attended conferences and spoke to industry peers to discover what they were doing to reduce the waste they sent to landfill. Another Edinburgh venue suggested that they talk to their waste management company − Changeworks Recycling − and find out what happened to their waste once it was collected.

Warehouse tours showed benefits of separating waste at source

At that time Changeworks Recycling dealt with their paper recycling, and another waste management company collected the rest of their waste. John-Paul visited the other supplier first, and then asked if he could come and find out what we did with the waste we collected. The tour of our warehouse and the conversation he had with our client relationship manager, really opened his eyes to the benefits of separating their waste at source.

Fixed monthly price drives the increase in recycling

John-Paul knew he wanted to explore working with Changeworks Recycling further, and around that time we won the tender to become the preferred waste management company for the Essential Edinburgh Business Improvement District. When he looked into how much it would cost them to switch, he saw that it made financial sense too. Apart from the preferred rates, the fact that we charge a fixed monthly fee for recycling, and a variable fee for general waste, helped Assembly Rooms drive behavioural change from the top. If waste costs start to rise, management gets involved to drive an increase in the amount of waste that’s recycled, thereby reducing their costs.

Making the transition to recycling is easy

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, Assembly Rooms started to separate their waste a couple of months before we took over the contract. We also undertook site visits with the general management to help them understand how our system works, and how we can support them to recycle more. We facilitated staff engagement sessions to help them understand the benefits of recycling more of their waste, which we continue to do in order to reinforce the message. All the preparation really paid off, the transition went smoothly and Assembly Rooms now recycles 90% of its waste. And, as you can see from John-Paul’s comment, it was really easy once they got used to it: even in a busy bar environment.

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