Here at Changeworks we try our best to practice what we preach.

The team at Changeworks Recycling, our social enterprise arm, already know that in helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint we increase our own through vehicle use. The solution? We've introduced a 'vehicle management system' that effectively took one of our vehicles off the road in terms of emissions, switched to bio-fuel (waste cooking oil) where we can, and now we're investigating whether we can add even more value to our Business Recycling Service by using a zero emissions vehicle. We've borrowed one for a trial!

Our roving reporter Ruth went out for a spin in the van with Business Recycling Services Manager Mike, and caught General Manager Ken McLean for a quick chat in the blustery, pigeon-y car park at Changeworks Recycling HQ.

Thanks to Ken and Mike and the Changeworks Recycling team for letting us tag along in the snazzy van!

If you'd like to know more about Changeworks Recycling why not visit their website or give them a call on 0800 694 0158?