Ok, so my smugness will be short-lived as I’m only house sitting, but let’s go with it for a minute. A girl can dream, can’t she?

It’s a glorious spring morning and the photovoltaic (PV) panels are churning out so much free, clean electricity that I feel no sense of guilt whatsoever when turning on the dishwasher. Now that I’ve enjoyed a breakfast of fresh strawberries, an early harvest still deliciously warm from the polytunnel, it’s time to check on the bees and fill up the bird feeders.

Recent rainfall means the water butts are nice and full so I can water the polytunnel, greenhouse and cold frame without having to switch on the hose. It looks like there will be no shortage of delicious fruit and vegetables this year and I’m already contemplating recipes. It’s a shame it’s not my house, I was really starting to enjoy my weekend of living the good life!

To be fair mum is retired, gardening’s a true passion of hers and she’s at home during the day to make the most of that free solar electricity. Chances of me having a life like this are probably somewhere between nil and zero, but it’s definitely something to aspire to though; and for this week it’s a very enjoyable experience living her life, however vicariously.

If (like me) you’re not about to be installing PV or getting your own beehives anytime soon, don’t despair there’s other stuff that everyone can do.

A few of the things I’ve ticked off my list so far are:

  • Invested in a fuel efficient car.
  • Adopted fuel efficient driving techniques.
  • Moved 20 miles closer to work.
  • Meat free weekdays (even persuaded my carnivorous other half).

I’ve got plenty more on that to-do list but not a whole lot in the bank so I’m looking for low cost, innovative ideas for reducing my impact on the environment.

Let me know about your top tips for shrinking your carbon footprint but not your bank balance.