Video is a dynamic and engaging way to connect with different audiences. We recently took on an intern to develop our video and graphics communications and improve our stakeholder engagement. Here Carlota Huelva tells us about her experiences.

Hello everybody, I’m Carlota and I am currently a Video Production and Graphic Design intern in the Marketing and Communications team at Changeworks. 2017 was the 30th anniversary of the organisation, so it’s been a very interesting and busy year. During my internship, I collaborated on different projects for a series of events, most of them in connection to the 30th anniversary celebrations 

Why did I apply? 

After nearly 10 years of freelancing, I decided to go back to college to extend my studies in Visual Communication, so I went to Edinburgh College to study Interactive Design. Once I finished my course, I was looking to get more professional opportunities. When I spotted the Changeworks’ intern role I couldn’t believe it, as it combined the two artistic and technical areas I love most:  Video Production and Graphic Design.  

Was it what I expected? 

We all kind of dream of our ideal job, working atmosphere and colleagues. This was even better than what I was expecting. Everybody was super friendly, helpful and welcoming and I had lots of interesting tasks to do. I thought I was going to be more restricted in my role and I was actually trusted in my job and given responsibilities to create and develop projects.   

What have I done? 

A big part of my time here was focused on two main events celebrating the 30th anniversary of Changeworks, the staff Gathering and the Scottish Parliamentary Reception. They were both great events! I had to create different pieces of artwork to complement the venues they were held in. Later on, I had to put together videos to summarise how great both events were. 

Apart from that, I’ve been updating templates, taking photos and making videos for exhibitions and interviews, polishing and creating designs for presentations and posters, making animations to complement other work and doing short videos about various subjects for different departments.  

Any highlights? 

There are too many highlights. I particularly enjoyed creating a video about what it's like to be a Changeworks volunteer. I learned a lot, and it was great to see amazing results born from the effort and coordination of various people from different departments. It’s always a good sign when people smile seeing your work, it honestly made me feel very happy.  

The Christmas party was also great and good fun, it was the perfect occasion to chat and catch up with everybody.   

What will I take into my next role? 

Experience in the production of corporate videos and development of graphic design artwork. Lots of skills and wonderful moments plus, a bunch of people I would like to be call friends.  

Do I have any advice for others thinking about working for Changeworks? 

Go for it! It’s an amazing organisation to be part of. Not just awesome values, but also incredible and wonderful people.   

- Carlota