Counting down the days…

Scotland’s first collective switching project, Scots Together, runs until 17 March 2013.

Scots Together is a collective buying group bringing people together across Scotland to get a better price on gas and electricity, just as energy watchdog OFGEM announces that further gas and electricity price hikes are on the horizon.

The project brings people together to get a better deal from energy companies by buying their energy collectively. The more people that sign up, the better the deal becomes. It’s not only a free service, it’s also impartial, no obligation and the switching process is easy.

People just have to register a few details at Scots Together to see what they could save. So far our biggest single saving has been £768, with plenty of folk saving into the £100s and an average of £220 so far.

With only 11 days to go we’re relying on a bit of community spirit to help spread the word! Here are a few things you and your local community group can do to help:

Share the news! Please tell your community about the scheme. To order a media pack (posters, flyers and text for newsletters and blogs etc) email Lauren.

Use your blog, social media and website to spread the word and drive people to the website, – you can also help by sharing Changeworks facebookblog and twitter posts with your own followers.

Don’t miss out – have a go yourself and see what you could save! If you’re happy with the result please let us know :-)

Read our briefing and FAQs to find out more about the scheme and our involvement. You can also read the terms and conditions on the Scots Together page.


Photo: Our Laura with members of the Markinch Wednesday Club, along with Glenrothes Councillor Fiona Grant.