Richard Dryburgh, Business Development Manager with Changeworks Recycling, is travelling to Paris with member of Scotland’s 2050 Climate Group

Tackling climate change is a cause I’ve been active in since university and has changed the way I live my life. 

Today I am travelling to Paris with fellow members of Scotland’s 2050 Climate Group to attend COP21. COP21 is the 21st Conference of the Parties which is held by the United Nations every year. The aim is to bring nations together to look at how we can tackle climate change. This event in Paris is seen by many to be the most important international conference in history as nations seek to reach an international and legally binding agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions and keep global warming under 2°C by 2100. 

Although Scotland is a very small country and emits a very low percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions, we have an important role to play in demonstrating leadership on climate change action. We have some of the most ambitious climate change targets in the world and the Scottish Government is committed to making these targets a reality and moving Scotland towards a low carbon economy. These targets and policies drive everything we do at Changeworks and Changeworks Recycling, although it is often easy to forget the big picture. 

The 2050 Climate Group has been invited by the UN to present their model for educating, engaging and empowering the next generation of leaders on climate action. 

Check back here next week for a full report of my reflections on my time at COP. Meantime you can follow me on Twitter, @RWDryburgh, and @2050ClimateGrp

- Richard