Changeworks’ Real Nappy Project volunteers, parents and babies took part in the Guinness World Record Breaking Great Cloth Nappy Change 2014 to celebrate Real Nappy Week (28 April - 4 May 2014) recently. The event was a great success, with fun had by all. Hannah Milne, our Waste Prevention Project Officer, tells us what happened on the day.

“It was 11am on Saturday morning. The whistle blew and 20 babes held their new nappies in the air, posing for the photographer, before stripping off and slipping into their fresh garments with plenty of smiles and giggles. All helped by their parents, of course".

This was the Guinness World Record Great Cloth Nappy Changing Challenge 2014. At Changeworks' event Edinburgh's young babes and their parents were out in town aplenty, sporting brightly coloured spotty, starred and patterned nappies to get into the record books and promote the use of real nappies.

These good looking nappies are a world away from the old itchy-scratchy cotton terry towelling ones that the children's parents probably endured. Modern nappies are soft, comfortable, absorbent and waterproof without the 'I'm-wearing-a-plastic-bag' feeling. The most popular are made from new ultra-absorbent materials like bamboo, and come in a simple all-in-one shape that means only one layer of nappy to attach to a small squirming child.

This year 20 young babes plus their parents took part in Changeworks' nappy changing challenge. While we were five babies short to be part of the official Guinness World Record attempt, our real nappy babies still took part to show their support.

Big thanks to all our volunteers, participating babes and parents for making it such a fun event, full of beautiful, real nappy clad bottoms!

Numbers are still being counted to see if 2014 will break another World Record. Last year, 31 Edinburgh babes contributed to the 2013 world record of 8,301 babies in the world having their cloth nappy changed simultaneously. Real nappies were changed in 15 different countries worldwide.

If you would like to get your own wee babe in some real nappies like these cool kids, check out our website which explains all of the incentive deals available to you and gives a useful info sheet about the different types of nappies. Or, come along to one of our monthly Nappuccinos and see for yourself a live demo of lots of the different real nappies available, get yourself some good quality second hand nappies at a great price, and of course meet some other young babes.

Our next Nappuccino is on Thursday 29 May from 10-11.30am at Duncan Place Resource Centre in Leith. See you there!

You can also phone the real nappy team on 0131 555 4010 or email for more details on real nappies.


Hannah Milne is Changeworks' Waste Prevention Project Officer

All photos by Oliver Henderson