Are you looking to go further and faster on your active travel commute? Or perhaps you’re just getting back into cycling and would like a helping hand? Then ebikes could be the answer.

Electric pedal-assisted bikes (ebikes) are regular bikes with the addition of an electric motor and battery. They can be charged using a regular plug socket for as little as 5–10p for a full charge. Depending on the battery, they can last up to 100 miles. By travelling on two wheels you’ll also be doing your bit for improving air quality and tackling the climate crisis, and you’ll be saving money if you usually take the car or use public transport.

Alice Levett (pictured left) trialled an ebike for a week: “It’s a sleek looking bike, sturdy and comfortable to ride… I was really impressed by the battery life – for the week I borrowed the bike I didn’t need to charge it even though I used it every day.”

The electric motor on the ebike provides power assistance when you are pedalling which can vary the amount of effort needed, especially when going uphill. The maximum speed is 15.5mph making hills just as easy as cycling on the flat.

According to Alice: “The ebike is so much better for commuting. The acceleration takes some getting used to when moving slowly around pedestrians but cycling on the road, I felt very comfortable. I also arrived less sweaty at work, which was a bonus!”

Angela Mitchell (pictured right), Senior Waste Project Officer at Changeworks, also recently tried out an ebike: “It was fun to use the boost to assist on the longer stretch with a steady incline, and I could speed up when it started to rain! The bike was easy to lock and unlock, and I was able to lift it in and out of our car boot despite the weight. Folding it up was easy.”

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to ebikes, Home Energy Scotland is here to help. Funded by the Scottish Government, Changeworks’ delivers Home Energy Scotland advice centres in South East Scotland and Highlands and Islands on behalf of Energy Saving Trust.

To find out more, or to hear about the interest free loan available for ebikes through Transport Scotland, give Home Energy Scotland a call on 0808 808 2282 to chat to one of their advisors.