As mentioned in his previous blog, Richard Dryburgh, Business Development Manager with Changeworks Recycling, travelled to Paris with the 2050 Climate Group to attend COP21 in Paris. In his video diary (10 mins) Richard shares his experiences of what it was like to attend this important international event, from travelling sustainably to helping to make the 2050 Climate Group event a success.

Richard reflects, “My time here [in Paris] has enforced the importance of including young people in these kind of negotiations and decisions. It’s ultimately going to affect us, we’re going to be affected by climate change when we grow up in the not so distant future, so we need to be included in the decisions now, and that’s happening in Scotland with the 2050 Climate Group and various other groups but it needs to happen around the world… That’s what I hope we can get out of it and hopefully the 2050 Climate Group can show leadership and we can make that happen.”

He concludes, “It’s extremely important that we … share experiences and learn from each other and see how we can do things better in our own countries”.