As the City of Edinburgh Council stops trade waste collections, you may be anticipating a period of upheaval as you face a compulsory change to your waste collection service. We spoke to Rebecca Jones, Marketing Manager with Changeworks Recycling (a wholly owned subsiduary of Changeworks) to find out what this means for Edinburgh businesses and how they can help.

“The City of Edinburgh Council announced that it will stop providing trade waste collections to the private sector at the end of June”, explains Rebecca. “If you currently use the Council for your trade waste management, changing your supplier to Changeworks Recycling is simple and pain-free with a five minute phone call to our dedicated Switch Team on 0131 538 5381.

“Everything is done to make the change as easy as possible, even down to the same collection day. And if you bag up your waste, we’ll even come and collect it from within your premises, meaning you don’t have to remember to put it out on the street at a specific time.”

Don’t just take Rebecca’s word for it, here’s feedback form one of Changeworks Recycling’s clients:

“Moving our trade waste service from the council to Changeworks Recycling was an easy and seamless process, the on-going service is hassle free too!” 

Nucleus Asset Management

“With a high quality service, you will continue to enjoy all the benefits of employing a local service for your waste management. You’ll speak to local people who know exactly where you are, and how to navigate any issues on your collection route. We can arrange extra collections at short notice, most of which can be accommodated the next day, or even the same day if they are in your area. And because we don’t operate out of an anonymous call centre, you will speak to the same friendly members of our dedicated service team.

“All our customers are provided with a monthly Carbon Report, which shows you how much general waste you’ve produced, and, if we collect your recycling, how much of each individual material you’ve recycled. This means you can see how much your recycling offsets the carbon impact of your general waste.

“If we already provide your recycling service, you’ll find it even easier. Because you’re already set up on our system, we can just add general waste collection to your existing service. And you’ll only have one waste management company to deal with, and one waste management invoice to pay each month. Call our dedicated Switch Team on 0131 538 5381 or email us to have someone contact you.

“You could also ask us to undertake a waste audit, during which we’ll analyse your general waste and help you find ways to increase your recycling, reduce your general waste, and therefore reduce your waste management costs. You can then use your Carbon Report to measure how well you’re doing month on month, and take action if your recycling rates start to drop off.”

To stay with a local supplier, keep the same terms of service for your general waste collection, and enjoy the additional benefits you get from having all your waste collected by Changeworks Recycling, call the dedicated Switch Team on 0131 538 5381, or send an email to have someone contact you.