We were advising clients in a new-build development, referred to us by their housing association, about how to make the most of their electric heating systems when it became clear that there were bigger issues to address.

The whole complex of 20 off-gas properties in rural East Lothian shared the same problem: faulty meters were leading to electricity arrears.

We highlighted what was happening to the housing association and worked in partnership with the electricity supplier, visiting all the properties. As a result, all the faulty meters in the complex were replaced and thousands of pounds were refunded, clearing most of the electricity debt.

To help householders to manage their energy bills going forward, we made sure that everyone had their heating and hot water systems set up in accordance to the off-peak timings of the specialist tariff they were on.

We also ensured that future properties built at the site would have the correct meters installed by the electricity supplier and that householders would be given proper advice on how to use their heating.