In 2014, Fife Council secured £2,933,009 from the Scottish Government to reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions by making homes in its area cheaper to heat. A key aim was to install external wall insulation in 540 homes in Dunfermline, saving householders an estimated £83,000 a year in energy bills and cutting carbon emission by 1,020 tonnes of carbon dioxide per property, per year.

Depending on the balance of cost, need and potential for improvement, external wall insulation is offered free or at a heavily subsidised rate in selected areas under the Scottish Government’s Home Energy Efficiency Programmes: Area Based Schemes (HEEPS:ABS).

We worked with the Council to manage the project, in partnership with Home Energy Scotland.

Resident feedback

James Smith, who is in his 60s, had lived in his three-bedroom, mid-terraced home for 33 years when he received Fife Council’s offer to install free external wall insulation.  He said at the time:

“We have storage heaters but the heat is going through the walls into the atmosphere. We may be able to save 40% on our heating bill and use less electricity once we’re insulated.”

A survey confirmed that James needed external wall insulation. The work started in March and was finished by May, including contractor clean up. James is very satisfied with how it went.

“If you’re thinking about having free insulation installed under a scheme like this, I’d say, ‘Get the insulation fitted. It makes a big difference to the heating of your house’.’

James Smith, Dunfermline