Mrs Duncan is a busy mother with two young children at home. Her husband is currently unable to work so they are living on a low income.

Money is tight but like many householders, she finds herself throwing away food that has gone out of date or buying food that is not eaten.

Mrs Duncan contacted us for advice and we visited her at home to talk about how she could reduce the family’s food waste and save money on food bills.

Together we discussed meal planning, food storage and portioning as well as encouraging the use of left overs.

We gave her a leaflet outlining our top tips for reducing food waste and a Love Food Hate Waste leaflet which contains some handy recipes and advice.

When we contacted Mrs Duncan a few weeks later, she told us:

“We are watching more what we are buying and use leftovers more often now.”

She now plans her meals before going shopping and makes better use of her freezer.

“The service was excellent – thank you.”

Mrs Duncan