Changeworks delivers projects under Energy Efficient Scotland: Area-Based Scheme all across Scotland, in partnership with local authorities. This programme helps to improve the efficiency of properties through insulation measures and renewable technologies, particularly targeting areas at risk of fuel poverty.

External wall insulation

One such scheme we were managing with Fife Council was for external wall insulation, where the rollout was well underway. External wall insulation is ideal for improving the warmth of a home through reducing heat loss, and can be done without intrusive work inside the home.

A resident who had only recently moved into the area where the project was taking place called Changeworks hoping to be included, as the property was quite cold.

Unfortunately, she had called after the deadline for householders to register and was disappointed and upset to realise that she had missed out.

Finding a solution

Despite the deadline, the Changeworks project management team were determined to see if this new householder could be included. It turned out, luckily, that she lived on the only street where installations hadn’t yet begun, so after speaking to the contractor and Fife Council we were able to get her signed up after all.

After finding out she was able to be included, meaning she could look forward to warmer homes and lower energy bills, the householder got in touch with Changeworks to express her delight and gratitude.

She said: “I’m genuinely touched that you took the time to have the conversation with the Council and project team on my behalf. It’s something I never would have been able to afford in my lifetime, and the difference this will make to the warmth and hopefully my heating costs, not to mention the aesthetics of my home, will be fantastic – especially for my kids.

“You are a company that genuinely cares and that was evident in my conversation over the phone. It’s very rare these days, and it was heartwarming to see that it still exists. Little things sometimes have the biggest impact, so thank you.”

How can we work together?

We’re delighted that we were able to provide a great service to this person and make a big difference. If you’re looking for a partner to deliver an energy-efficiency or carbon reduction project who will go the extra mile, we’re ready and waiting to tackle any low carbon challenge.

Get in touch via email, or phone 0131 555 4010 and let’s get started.