Back in March 2017, Leithers told us loud and clear – they wanted to create a clean and vibrant Leith where nothing is wasted. Changeworks, local partners and our team of volunteers worked with residents, community groups, schools and businesses in Leith to make it happen.

The Zero Waste Leith project built on activities already happening in the area to support the community as they reduced litter, flytipping and food waste, and started doing more recycling. Zero Waste Leith was a two-and-a-half year project funded by Zero Waste Scotland, Changeworks and the European Regional Development Fund until July 2020.

Find out more about all of the amazing campaigns and success achieved through the project:


While the Zero Waste Leith project came to an end in July 2020, some aspects of the campaign remain active. You can find out where to reuse, repair or recycle your stuff using our Edinburgh Reuse Map, network with other Leith businesses looking to improve their environmental impact with our Business Charter, and access expert advice on doing what we can locally to support our fragile environment at Zero Waste Leith Facebook page.

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