Mike from Edinburgh was worried about his high energy bills. His flat was very cold unless the heating was on, and in the winter, he was having to use fan heaters as well as his usual electric heaters, which further increased the amount he was having to pay. 

Mike was offered free internal wall insulation as part of the City of Edinburgh Council’s Leith Internal Wall Insulation 2018/19 scheme, funded by the Scottish Government and project managed by Changeworks. Mike became aware of the scheme when he received a flyer through the door – he called the number on the flyer, and that set the wheels in motion.

The work took two days complete and Mike found everyone involved to be friendly, efficient, and respectful of his property. They also tried to work around his cats, who were a bit freaked out by the noise. He was very happy with the finish, and with the fact that the workmen cleaned up after themselves.

Since the work has been done, Mike has found his flat considerably warmer. It heats up more quickly and stays warmer for longer. Visitors have commented on how warm his flat is compared to previous years. All with using fewer heaters on a lower temperature than before.

Reflecting on the results and the process, Mike was overwhelmingly pleased with the outcome – and his newly warm flat.

“I had a positive experience, and I would definitely recommend it. My flat is lovely and warm, and I’m spending less money. I don’t need to worry about heating my flat anymore.”

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