From October 2018 to March 2020, Changeworks delivered Change Works in Burntisland, a community-based support service to help local people in Burntisland improve the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses under the Energy Efficient Scotland programme.

Varied housing types

The population of Burntisland is around 6,600 and has grown significantly over the last 15 years. The town has a wide mix of different housing types including significant new-build development which has brought many families to the town. At the heart of this project was the aim to engage with a community through a place-based approach, so a high street hub was opened so people could drop in and speak to the team, as well as host local events.

The project helped people like Mrs T, who had been with her current energy provider for “as long as she could remember”. She was worried that it would be a complicated process to switch suppliers – but the team helped Mrs T switch, reduced her boiler contract and discussed loft insulation saving.

Heart of the community

Donna Marshall, Head of Low Carbon Communities, Changeworks, said:

“Households and businesses in Burntisland showed a real interest in playing their part in tackling climate change. The Change Works in Burntisland hub was very much at the heart of the community providing support to improve the energy efficiency of properties and reduce energy costs.


The project helped a large number of homeowners to install energy efficiency measures creating a legacy of warmer homes and reduced energy bills for the future.


Big investment, big results

Over the course of the project, a total of £205,845 was spent by householders on installing energy efficient measures such as insulation and draughtproofing, representing 1274 tonnes lifetime carbon savings.

For more information on the overall programmes of work, insight on the progress and challenges and key learnings, read the final report.