Recycling for businesses

Changeworks Recycling is Changeworks’ wholly owned subsidiary that enables your business to reduce waste, carbon and costs.

Their aim is to help you become more resource efficient as a business, recycling the widest range of materials including food waste and general waste. They make recycling and waste management easy allowing you to get on with running your business. Over 2,000 businesses across Central Scotland use our service, so you’re in a safe pair of hands.

How they work with you

They’ll meet with you, carry out a waste audit and propose a full service that is tailored around your needs.

Benefits for your business

  • Only pay for the service that best suits your business needs
  • Monthly carbon reports direct to your inbox so you can monitor performance
  • Incentivised recycling rates; the more you recycle the less you pay towards general waste costs.  

“Changeworks Recycling has really helped Remy Cointreau increase our recycling rates by implementing their straightforward collection system. One particular aspect of the service that we have found useful is the flexibility. The friendly staff are always keen to help us where possible.” 

Remy Cointreau 

“The friendly Changeworks Recycling staff really make recycling easy. Taking the hassle out of the process is much appreciated as recycling and being green is very important to our company.”  

Edinburgh Skye Candles

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