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Andrew Morton – Household Renewables Officer

Page last updated: 03 Jun 2013

green travel ideas for householders

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Use alternative transport and leave the car at home

One of the best ways to reduce your CO2 emissions is to forget about the car and use an alternative means of transport. We know there are times when the car is absolutely vital, but there may be another easier or more cost-effective way to complete your journey that also benefits the environment and sometimes even your health.


If the distance you need to travel isn’t that far, consider walking. There are many websites and applications out there to help you plan your route between any two points. Some can also advise on journey time, calorie burn and carbon saving.

   Try these: Walkit Mapmywalk


In the UK, nearly a quarter of all car trips are less than two miles. Simply swapping the car for your bike could save you more than £600 each year in fuel and reduce your carbon footprint. Over short distances - especially in urban areas - cycling is often quicker too.

  These websites have information on planning routes:    Mapmyride National Cycle Network

More benefits of getting on your bike are outlined in this free and online 50-page Bike to Work Book.

Some employers run a cycle to work scheme to encourage their employees to make healthier, greener journeys to work. Ask your employer if they participate – you may be able to get a financial contribution if you are looking to purchase a bicycle.

Trains and Buses

Using a train or bus instead of your car typically reduces journey-related emissions by half. It’s not nearly as green as walking or cycling, but there will always be public transport will running anyway that produce emissions.

For train journeys, try National Rail, where you can search for journeys and fares.

To find local bus services, try

Want more information?

Here are some more useful websites that are packed with information about alternative means of transport:
For information about congestion, road works and minimising journey times.
For accurate, up to date and impartial information on planning your journey by the quickest public transport mode. You can also access this information by phone on: 0870 608 2608.
For practical advice on using alternative transport options including buses, trains, cycling and walking.
For information on planning your journey.

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